Badkamer offerteaanvraag

Op 02-01-2017 13:17 ontving Kwieq de volgende offerte aanvraag:

We have recently done a bathroom renovation. However, something when wrong and we have an issue that needs a urgent fix. It looks like we have “swollen” tiles that have created gaps and from the pressure a tile cracked under the shower door. Might be from the floor heating or pipe or something wrong with placing the tiles – we don’t really know. However, there must be something wrong for this to happen and we are not sure what is causing it. We are looking for someone to be able to fix it and to be different the original renovator as we had apparent issues with him. Would you be up for the task and when would you be available to perhaps come an review and investigate what the problem might be. As the crack is by the shower we are unable to shower at the moment. Therefore, sooner the better for us. I can send some pictures of the issues as soon as you provide me with an email address.
Many, many thanks and looking forward hearing from you, Ana